our passion for what we do makes uS pioneers in our sector

The complete control that Lateral Estate maintains over each build ensures confidence. Any questions regarding a stage of building development can be asked, and instantly answered by the team at Lateral. We appreciate that a property investment is a personal and lasting decision. We develop each property so that it is unique and built to endure.

Lateral Estate is a promise. A promise that your next property will reflect industry-leading design, be built with superior materials, and located within stunning Australian spaces.


Continuing to expand and grow since 1995, Lateral Estate is built on a foundation of enduring design, quality build, and the sale of superior apartments and commercial spaces.

Our continued commitment to exclusivity and integrity guarantees ongoing satisfaction.  Dedicated to international and local buyers, our intimate understanding of Australian living ensures a home that can coexist seamlessly with the urban and city life that surround it.

As creatives, designers, builders, and sales people, we appreciate attention to detail and project accountability. Producing and delivering a quality property to suit your personal or business needs is at the centre of our business ethos. 


Lateral Estate uses its wealth of experience to ensure that every construction is designed, detailed and finished to suit the needs of our clients and the current market. With over 20 years of construction experience, our team will ensure the product lives up to the reputation and commitment you expect.

At Lateral Estate we pride ourselves on having an integral role in all aspects of our business. By combining the skills of all sections of our business, it enables a high quality project to be delivered at the end of the day. Construction is not just the expediting of a structure to form the base of which apartments or the like may be completed.